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  • 4 x Juul 20mg 0.7ml Vape Pods
  • New 1.7% Strength
  • Approximately 200 puffs per cartridge
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A blend of rich traditional tobacco flavour with a smooth finish. 18 mg/ml nicotine strength in the new flavor of JUUL Pods.

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Juul Pods Golden Tobacco Flavor A blend of rich traditional tobacco flavor with a smooth finish. 18 mg/ml of nicotine strength. Each product has its own flavor and produces some amount of vapor to give a feeling of Smoking a cigarette. NIcotine Contents vary from product to product and flavor to flavor.

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E-juices / Pods have Nicotine, VG, PG and water as its Contents. Proportions of which decide the flavor and strength. Generally, American e-liquids have a mild taste, yet, the burn to give good content of aerosol. The NIC content is higher than the Malaysian and NIC salts too. The liquid that is hit by the atomizer so as to give the feeling of Smoking E-Cigarette is what is known as E-liquids. Coming in different flavors and nicotine levels, the juice may be propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. These fluids do have a food grading and are checked the same as any other edible for the safety of the consumers.

This liquid is the main reason as to why vape works. This fluid vaporizes so as to create the vapor and gives you the feeling of smoking. It comes with various flavors and nicotine levels. The juice has either propylene glycol, mint or vegetable glycerin. The flavor used is according to the food standards and it gets dispersed throughout the liquid.

Feel the New Juul Flavor – Golden Tobacco Flavor Blend of rich traditional tobacco flavor with a smooth finish (PACK OF 4)

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It has 1.7% Nicotine Strength and 4 Pods inside the Box, Grab the latest offer on VAPESHOPONLINE to get Original Products and Happy Vaping. If you want to try Other Flavors so try our new JUUL Pods like Virginia Tabacco, Classic Menthol, Apple Orchard, Golden Tobacco, Royal Cream, and New Upcoming Flavors.




The pod to be inserted in your JUUL device kit to get your pod mod started. Each JUUL pod contains 0.7ml with 5% strength by weight, which is approximately equal to 200 puffs or 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. There is a limit of 15 pod packs per customer per month. The Product has been imported into India by a third party from the USA and is thereafter being sold on Vape Shop Online. All these products are covered under replacement warranty provided by Vape Stop. Refer to Terms & Conditions for further information.

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Buy Juul Pods Golden Tabacco (Pack of 4) Juul Vape